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Induction Loop Test Meter c/w Head Headphones 1 Year Warranty

Induction Loop Test Meter c/w Head Headphones 1 Year Warranty

SigNET’s new FPROK Fosmeter Pro induction loop test kit is designed to simplify the setup of an induction loop system and ensure its compliance with the latest version of BS EN 60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in audio-frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes).

The Fosmeter Pro is a 400mA magnetic field strength meter and loop listener complete with circuitry for measuring background noise frequency response and metal compensation. It includes:-

• A digital LCD display with a user-friendly interface to simplify testing.
• Two 'soft' buttons that dynamically change their functions to suit the menu options being accessed.
• Battery low indication and an auto-power off function that kicks in after 10 minutes of Fosmeter inactivity.
• A 3.5mm headphone jack socket allowing users to listen to the loop signal using a set of HEAD1 headphones (supplied in FPROK kit).

Need help determining which SigNET induction loop amplifier and cable to use to create a BS7594 (2011) compliant AFILS installation? Click HERE to use SigNET’s new audio-frequency induction loop calculator.

Manufacturer SIGNET
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