Akhter Computers was founded in 1979 by Prof Humayun Mughal

Akhter Designs and assembles hardware including personal computers, notebooks, fileservers and storage systems. Akhter also develops software and provides design, installation and maintenance services. Working closely with its customers, Akhter provides customised computer solutions, including hardware and software, product development, project and network management, consultancy and aftersales support.

Akhter continues to increase the breadth of its support for ICT systems delivering background services that support the computer infrastructure, plus tools and solutions to simplify the day to day administration of networks.

Every modern organisation is under constant pressure to manage costs, mitigate risks and to maintain compliance with industry and legal regulations - in pursuit of the reduction of ICT cost and risk in addition to an improvement in performance, organisations are now having to look beyond their in-house infrastructure to seek the help of a solution provider who understands modern business problems and the IT services that resolve them. Working with an IT partner will help organisations maintain and manage the technology that delivers their business goals.

The Value of Partnership

In the corporate market, Akhter believe strongly in the value of partnership to help develop and implement effective IT strategies. Drawing on their own experience, Akhter listen carefully to their customers to ensure they understand their business and will then make informed recommendations on how technology can best realise the companies objectives and ensure return on investment.

Research and Development

Akhter is continually seeking to use the very latest advances in technology to provide state of the art solutions. The company invests heavily in ongoing Research and Development and as a result, enjoys a favourable reputation as a company at the cutting edge of the technology industry. Creating new products in response to customer requirements is one of Akhter's strengths.

Akhter has developed a range of flexible managed IT Support Services to help you meet compliance, support delivery of business objectives, mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve performance while protecting your existing assets, long term IT resource and people investments. All our services are continuously monitored and controlled using industry best practice, via accreditation to ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance & through ISO27001:2013 IT Security.

Today’s customers are increasingly sophisticated in their choice of computing technology. However, there are occasions when even the most discerning client can benefit from Akhter’s support and advice.

About Akhter Computers

Akhter Computers founded in 1979 by Prof Humayun Mughal, designs and assembles hardware including personal computers, notebooks, fileservers and storage systems. Akhter also develops software and provides, design, installation and maintenance services.

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