APC Preventive Maintenance Visit 7X24 for Silcon 10-20 KW

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Preventive Maintenance Visit 7X24 for Silcon 10-20 KW
An examination of your system designed to ensure optimal performance.

Preventive Maintenance Visit 7X24 Features:
- 7 x 24 off-hours service scheduling.
- AC wiring inspection.
- System cleaning.
- Verification of installation wiring.

Preventive Maintenance Features:
- Experienced APC Certified Field Service Engineer
Our factory trained Field Service Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on universally accepted safety practices and electrical codes as well as our own product set, offering our customers the highest level of service available in the industry today.

- System cleaning
Cleaning your system of dust and grime accumulated during normal operation will extend the life of the hardware.

- Environmental inspection
In order to make sure your system is housed in an enviroment suitable for optimal functionality, we will inspect the site for conditions that might damage your system, such as excessive heat or humidity.

- Functional verification
During each Preventive Maintenance visit, our APC Certified Field Service Engineers will run tests to verify your system is functioning correctly in all operational modes, stopping problems before they start.

- Consumables replacement
From air filters and fuses to fans and capacitors, APC will replace all parts on the system that expire as a result of normal wear and tear.

- Corrective maintenance
As part of our Prentive Maintenance Service, APC will proactively schedule maintenance visits for issues discovered during our Escalation and Corrective Actions process.

- Free firmware upgrades
Part of maintaining your system is ensuring the unit is operating with the most recent firmware version. At APC, there are no hidden costs. All Preventive Maintenance contracts include free firmware upgrades.

- Logistics coordination
APC will manage all logistics for this service, from hardware delivery to scheduling technicians.

- 7x24 Upgrade option
If you are like most business, you want your systems up and running during your busiest hours. In order to accomodate your busy schedule, APC offers an option to schedule services off hours. We will work with you to find a time when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity, saving your business time and money.
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PlatformSilcon 10-20 KW
IncludingPreventive Maintenance Visit
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PlatformSilcon 10-20 KW
Manufacturer APC
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